Cut-and-dry jobs, like installation of most performance modifications, wheels and tires, or other upgrades and service jobs can be quoted over the phone, via email, or via Facebook messages.

We do not offer estimates on repairs or any job requiring diagnosis without having done a full diagnosis of the vehicle at our shop in Washington. Every truck is different, and any estimate without an evaluation or diagnosis would just be guesswork, something we don’t do here. Because in the end we want to fix it right, not just throw parts on, which ends up saving our clients time and money. Just call us at (252) 217-7835 to arrange to drop it off at the shop. Standard labor rates apply.


After diagnosis or estimate, we require a parts deposit to begin repair work, except for very inexpensive repairs. Time to completion depends on many factors, including how many trucks are in line, how major your repair or project is, or if we run into unexpected issues. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee completion times. We source quality parts, either directly from Ford or equivalent alternatives that we have personally seen exhibit qualities of reliability and/or performance. Except for rare and exceptional circumstances, we do not install client-supplied parts. There are many reasons for this. Click here to read an article that explains some of the reasons it’s a bad idea to supply your own parts.

We also do not do partial repairs. Fixing only part of the problem can be a safety issue among other disadvantages. For example, with injectors, it makes a lot of sense to replace them all at one time. Too many times, we’ve seen one replaced only for someone to need one or two more a few months down the road. That’s a lot of labor to pay for multiple times within such a short time period, a lot of downtime for your vehicle, not to mention a lot of hassle that could have been avoided by fixing it right the first time.

We understand that money is tight, and that’s actually why we don’t cut corners and fix things the way we do. We’ve found that this ends up saving our clients money and time and is less hassle for everyone!