• Major & Minor Repair
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • On & Off-Road Performance Mods
  • Customization
  • All-in-One Powerstroke Shop
  • Diagnosing the problem, not just replacing parts

Ready to discuss your project or repair? Call us.


Cut-and-dry jobs, like installation of most performance modifications, wheels and tires, or other upgrades and service jobs can be quoted over the phone, via email, or via Facebook messages. For repairs or any job requiring diagnosis, you will need to schedule to have your truck dropped off for a complete diagnosis before we can give an estimate. The first step to a proper repair is knowing what the problem is, and that’s why proper diagnosis is key in our ability to “Fix it Right.”

For more info on our shop policies and how we work, please see our Estimates & Policies page.



It’s 9/22! 222 days ago we stole this talented 22 year old from O’Reilly’s. Thanks, Brooke, for putting up with us! You’re talented, hard working, and a good person to boot — we are so thankful to have you! https://t.co/qui7UdpzJK

Is this like dressing for prom to go mudding — but wearing your high heels backward? #stopthesquat #realmendontsquat https://t.co/AHzUZKJdra
powerstonenc photo
Hunt @HDrabenstot
squatted trucks are completely useless 🤘🏼💦 https://t.co/Dd18ngVRcv

Daily Status >>>
In the shop: 2 FORDS, 1 Chevrolet
Waiting to get in: 5 FORDS, 3 Dodges, 1 Chevrolet
Total: 12 jobs in progress.
Monday madness!
#powerstonedieselstatus #superdutysoupline #thankstoourclients

Was a pleasure to have this beast around the shop. Eye candy all day 😍 We just avoided flipping the mirrors up. 😎😉

#cumminsnation #dodgediesel #dieseltrucks #gunmetalgrey #wedodiesel @ Powerstone Diesel https://t.co/RPI863Bs4e

Daily Status >>>
In the shop: 2 FORDS
Waiting to get in: 6 FORDS, 2 Dodges, 2 Chevrolet
Total: 12 jobs in progress.
Tune her up Tuesday!
#powerstonedieselstatus #superdutysoupline #thankstoourclients

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