Powerstone Diesel is a family business run by Ritchie Keel, his wife, and (sometimes when she’s the “manager”) their daughter. We have a few great people who help us out, including our main short guy and hardworking technician, Everett Maylin. 🙂


We called our company PowerSTONE because we intended it to be built on a rock — no cutting corners or just throwing parts on. As Ritchie will tell you, we are not in business to make money, we are in business to fix your truck. 


We started back in Williamston with just Ritchie working by himself, but his reputation for fixing things the right way grew so much, we’ve moved and expanded and have now found our home at a location right between Washington and Greenville, NC. We continue to serve clients all over the state — and even out of state!

If you need maintenance, repair, or performance upgrades for your diesel truck, we can accomplish about anything you have in mind. 

Some of our recent projects have included full service maintenance, major engine repair and replacement, electrical, 5.4L gas to 6.0 conversions, and lifts and exhaust upgrades. Check out our projects page for more examples or give us a call to discuss your project.

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